Aluminium Foundry

Aluminium Foundry


Growell specializes in manufacturing complex precision castings in various aluminium alloys using gravity and sand casting process.
The batch size ranges from 1 off to larger batch quantities.

Able to offer casting size 50 gram to 350 kg single piece.

Equipped with 4 Electric melting furnaces
150 Kg bale-out furnaces – 2 Nos
250 Kg tilting furnaces – 2 Nos


Heat treatment facility equipped with 2 heat treatment furnaces of 1 cbm each.

Current production and developed castings in aluminium alloy grades as below, including special grades such as aluminium tin alloy.

Aluminium Grades:
BS1490: LM4, LM5, LM6, LM9, LM13, LM16, LM25
ASTM: 204, 208, 319, 514, A413, A360, 336, 355, A356, 356
DIN: AlSi6Cu4, AlMg5, AlSi12, AlSi10Mg, AlSi12Cu, AlSi5Cu1Mg, AlSi7Mg
Special Alloy: ASTM B850.0 (Tin alloy with Si – 0.4% max and Tin 5.5-7%)

The foundry is equipped with electric melting furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, shot blasting machine and core shooter. Aluminium melt quality is checked with equipments such as rotary degassing machine, vac test system, thermo analysis system and spectrometer. The results of quality checks are recorded in their respective software.

We do heat treatment T5, T6 and T7 cycles as per customer requirement.