Foundry Quality Control

Melt Treatment

– Melt clean system for cleaning melt using inert gas
– Temperature control using pyrometer
– Use rotary degassing machine

Melt Quality Measurment

Melt quality is measured by VAC Test System and Thermo analysis system.

VAC Test system: To measure gas content and oxide inclusions in aluminium melt. After degassing casting production starts only if density index value is in acceptable range. The results are automatically recorded in software.

Thermo analysis system: To measure modification and grain refinement of the melt. The results are automatically recorded in software.

Hardness Measurement

– Briness hardness testing machine with 3000 kg load
– Universal hardness testing machine
– Digital portable hardness tester

Standard measuring tools

– Vernier calipers up to 1000 mm
– Micrometers from 2” to 24”
– Digital height gauge

Spectrometer Bruker Q2 ION

To check metal chemical composition

Microscope with analysis software